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Transparent Commissions

Transparent Commissions

How much does Focus charge sellers to represent them as their Seller’s Agent?

Real estate commissions typically aren’t transparent, but we want to change that and be very upfront with the cost when we meet with you.

As a seller, you often pay both the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent. The total of these two fees are negotiated between us as the listing agent and you as the owner.  It is negotiable, there is no “standard” fee.

We typically charge less than 6.0% of the purchase price as our total commission.  Of that, 2.5%-3% often goes to the buyer’s agent and the rest goes to us as the Seller’s agent.  Our fees vary depending on a number of factors – for example, whether we need to stage your home, whether you’re also buying a home with us, and so on.  One of the great aspects of working with a local brokerage like Focus is that we are flexible with commissions, so please chat with us about your specific needs and deal!

In the event that we help you find a buyer but the deal falls through for any reason, we have made the decision that we are not owed a commission of any kind, subject to your listing agreement with us (Life happens, things change, that’s the risk we take.  There are certain circumstances where we might pre-pay or incur costs, and that’s part of our conversation with you when we do the listing agreement.)

If you decide we are not the right agent for you for any reason, you can also cancel our agreement.  Will someone take advantage of this at some point?  Maybe, but we believe in the service we provide and we want extremely happy sellers!

All of this information will be further detailed in the Seller’s Agent listing agreement which is signed once we decide to work together.

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